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Design a professional and customized look for your hair salon booking website. Choose from our beautiful mobile responsive templates to fit your salon brand. If you already have a website, insert a booking widget on to your website and start letting your clients book themselves 24/7

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Easy appointments for You & Your clients

Spend more time nurturing your salon clients and less time managing client bookings

The hair salon scheduling software,, offers hair stylists a professional platform to manage their business and accept online appointments. Now your clients can book online themselves and you can manage your business in one place. is loaded with features, check out which ones suit your business.

Booking website/widget

Beautiful Booking

Booking & Payments

Online Bookings
& Payments


Walk in Bookings
& Payments (POS)

Appointment reminders


Color coded appointments

Color Coded

Calendar sync

캘린더 동기화

Gift cards

기프트 카드

Coupons & Promotions

and Promotions


Your Clients





Collect reviews

Collect Reviews
& Post

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The Browery

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의사, 부인과 의사, 모든 의료진, 미용실 등 SimplyBook.me와 같은 예약 시스템을 이용하는 것이 매우 효과적일 것이라고 생각합니다. 저는 SimplyBook.me에 매우 만족하고, 다른 시스템은 쓰지 않을 거에요.


Misha Coetzee


LS International

SimplyBook.me를 사용하기 전, 인터뷰와 미팅 일정이 하루에 두 시간 이상을 차지 할 만큼 많은 저는 많은 시간을 소모하였습니다. 이제 저희는 사람들에게 예약 캘린더 링크를 보내고 사람들이 자신들에게 맞는 시간을 찾아 스스로 예약을 합니다. 저희는 예약에 소모되는 시간을 절약하여 그 시간을 고객들을 위해 사용하게 되었습니다. 많은 통화와 미팅 일정을 잡아야하는 모든 분들께 SimplyBook.me를 강력 추천합니다.


Lauren Stiebing

컨설턴트 및 소유주 검색

저는 4년 넘게 SimplyBook.me를 사용해왔고, 이 소중한 도구가 없었더라면 제 비즈니스를 운영하기가 매우 어려웠을 겁니다. 플러그인의 다양함, 이용의 편이성, Wordpress와의 통합, 확인 및 리마인더 (이메일 및 문자), 관리에 대한 고객의 높은 만족도, 팀의 백업과 지원과 함께, 이 서비스는 제 마사지 비즈니스에 중요한 부분을 차지하고 있습니다. 저와 제 팀원들은 고객들의 모든 테라피에 대한 노트를 작성하기 위해 예약 ‘노트’ 섹션을 매일 이용하고 있습니다. 각 고객에 대한 내역을 확인하고 전체 리포트를 다운로드할 수 있어 매우 편리합니다. 효율적인 비용으로 이 멋진 도구를 제공해주시는 팀에게 정말 감사드립니다.


Adam Ilko


Mandel Dermatology

“ has reduced our monthly costs, increased our number of online bookings, and has helped us better communicate to our patients by customizing the email and notification preferences to suit our needs,” states Jared. “ made it super easy for our patients to book appointments, and it is even easier for us to manage our bookings in an efficient manner.”

Dr. Mitchell J. Mandel

Dr. Mitchell J. Mandel


Features and Benefits for your business

We asked our hair salon customers which features they appreciated most and why. Read the results below, and see if those features might benefit your business:


Easy to Book

User friendly interface, where your clients see your real time availability in one calendar and then simply choose a time that suits them. For clients who prefer calling in or come unexpectedly, you can add new bookings from within the admin interface.


Calendar Overview

Efficient calendar view where you can see all upcoming bookings and filter by day, client, service or hair stylist. You can add notes to each booking as well as a status, so that you can quickly see whether the client has arrived, being served or if he has paid and left.

Calendar sync

캘린더 동기화

Synchronize your booking calendar with your personal one, through Google or Outlook calendar sync, helps you to avoid double bookings.


Email/SMS confirmations and reminders

A confirmation e mail/sms is automatically sent to your clients as well as hair salon stylists. The system also sends reminders to clients before the appointment to reduce no shows!


Packages, Gift Cards and Coupons

Create packages and reward your loyal clients by offering discounts. Sell 1 session for $30, 5 for $135 and 10 for $250. Another great way to increase sales is to offer gift cards for every occasion.

Marketing Tools

마케팅 도구

First of all you will increase your visibility online by having a high quality booking website with a domain. You can then attract new customers by offering coupons to newcomers or offer the first haircut with a discount. Increase sales from current clients by sending come back soon reminders and promotions for slow times during the week.



Send automatic review requests and post on your website to get invaluable social proof to attract new potential clients to seek your hair stylist expertise. You can then use those reviews as well for advertising purposes.

Cancellation Policy

예약 취소 정책

A possibility to create a cancellation policy or terms and conditions under which clients will not be able to cancel within a certain period. Such approach can help to motivate clients who often cancel right before the appointment.

Client Management

Client Management

Manage your clients through See list of all clients and their booking and cancellation history and send them emails as needed.



Stay on top of your business and track sales, bookings, workload, site visits and more through dashboard and reports., the hair salon scheduling software will become a great helper in your everyday life. It is a flexible solution that will bring multiple benefits for you and your clients. Do not hesitate to sign up for free and if you have any questions just contact our Live Chat!

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