SimplyBook.me es esencial para gestionar nuestra clínica de forma eficaz. Nuestros pacientes están encantados con la comodidad de poder reservar en línea y hacer comentarios sobre lo fácil que es usar el sistema. A menudo recomendamos SimplyBook.me a otros médicos.

Cotswold Community Acupuncture

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Massage Angel

I set up with Simply Book.me almost 2 years ago. The system is amazing! Its really easy to use. I regularly receive feedback from clients about how easy it is to book online. I have the added security that the clients a required to pay a deposit when booking online. I don't have to worry about manually sending appointment reminders.........and I love how the booking system syncs to my personal google calendar. So I can control my schedule from my phone. By having an online booking page, it have freed up my time to focus on advertising my business and also allowed me to spent more time learning and enhancing my massage skills techniques. Brilliant!

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Fibre Tense Massage

I have been using SimplyBook now for almost two years and I would not be able to operate my business without this invaluable tool. From the versatility of the plug-ins, the ease of operation, the seamless 'fold-in' with wordpress, the high customer satisfaction due to confirmations & reminders and the management, back up and support from the SimplyBook team, I would not be where I am today without this integral part of my massage business.

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MPH Softball

My experience with Simply Book Me has been outstanding. As a small but growing service business Simply Book Me has really helped streamline the appointment process.My clients love the fact that they can go to my site and find the time that fits their needs.

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I think it's wonderful. Since we just started using it, we are still waiting for our clients to fully discover it. However, our service providers are very satisfied with it. It also takes a lot of work from the administrator, because service providers can set their own working hours as it suits them. I would definitely recommend it to others. Firstly because it is really easy to set up, and it allows you to set all kinds of details that suit your needs best. And when something doesn't work the way you want it, the support is very very kind and helpful.

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2 Geek Tech Support Services

Excellent. I love the system, it's convenient and a great tool for my clients to use.

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PCM Media d.o.o.

I just started to use and I would say I'm in average level of knowing around html, css etc...but this booking system made my life easier. I was searching around and foind many offers regarsing booking, but this one is definetly the best and you can tweak it the way you want with many very good plugins.

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Cotswold Community Acuuncture

SimplyBook.me is essential for our ability to run our clinic effectively. Our patients love the convenience of online booking and comment on how easy the system is to use. We often recommend SimplyBook.me to other clinicians.

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Overall, it has been a very good experience. My guests can now book their own appointments, which saves me time having to email, call, or text back and forth booking appointments for them, which allows me to be more productive. I would definitely recommend this site to others. So far, my guests are satisfied they can book their own appointments.

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Learning Development Centre, Glasgow Caledonian University

We used to have our appointments booked by email and that meant a lot of email ping pong before arranging something that is mutually convenient. Since we discovered SimplyBook.me, we have had a lot less admin time wasted and the students appreciate the simplicity and the freedom it gives them to choose an appointment that suits them and know immediately that it is confirmed and final. The fact that they don't need to register is a real bonus as they already have to deal with a lot of different systems. The cancellation option for them is great as well!

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Vanessa Louise Photography

Fantastic! Getting clients to book in online saves me SO much time! I used to have to to-and-fro via phone and email before finding a convenient date for clients, now I can use my time more efficiently. The reminder & review tool is fantastic too.

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