Online Booking System for Building Suppliers

Offer a selection of services and events to your clients to improve your in-store sales; enhancing customer experience and loyalty.

  • 4.6/5
  • 4.6/5
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  • 4.4/5 is a One-Stop Solution for DIY Retail and Wholesale Stores. is a One-Stop Solution for DIY Retail and Wholesale Stores.

With, you get a professional booking website - or a widget if you already have a website - where you can accept online bookings from customers 24/7. Also, you can accept online and on-site POS payments, promote your business with marketing tools, showcase your business through a photo gallery, send automatic reminders, accept reviews, and so much more. Last but not least, you can offer video consulting to boost your construction retailer sales even further.

Increase your customer engagement and your customer loyalty by offering a scheduling tool for all the consulting services and events you offer.

Offer a multichannel experience by enabling your clients to book your services online and bridge the gap between clients’ online browsers and the in-store shopping experience. Increase footfall, shopping time, and loyalty with bookable services. It’s an excellent way to get to know your clients better and keep in contact with them more easily going forward.

One-Stop Solution
  • Reduce waiting lines
  • Maximised convenience
  • More service engagement
  • Happier Clients
  • Higher Sales Conversion
  • Higher spend per client

Offer your clients outstanding service

Offer your clients outstanding service picture
  • Customised booking widget for your website
  • Showcase the services and events you have to offer
  • Drive website conversion and increase footfall with convenient bookings from your website, social media or online ads.
  • Build customer loyalty with improved services
  • Enable your customers to book a call, visit, or even a video meeting with individual stores.
  • Provide a tailored service according to customer needs by gathering relevant details upon booking.


Byko is Iceland's leading hardware retail and building material supplier to homeowners and building industry professionals.

BYKO DIY store offers appointment scheduling for services such as kitchen design, colour advice before painting, business advice, wood terrace advice, bathroom advice and more. They charge for each appointment, but if the client ends up buying materials, the booking price can be deducted from the total purchase price.

Dr Edda Blumenstein, Head of Store and Customer Development at Byko Construction Products store in Iceland was at the forefront of implementing a booking system for the company in late 2021.

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Dr Edda Blumenstein

Head of Store and Customer Development

Does Your Building Supplies Enterprise Need More?

You might need more from your booking system if you offer consultations through several locations in different specialities.

Our Enterprise solution can give you the additional control, overview and distinctions you require between stores and departments. Create, manage and monitor your separate subsystems, offices and branches from a single account and pay for all subsystems with one single payment. Each system is isolated and has no access to data from other departments.

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Your Building Supplies Enterprise image was launched in 2011 and is one of the primary booking systems in the world. We strive to create a system fulfilling our clients' demands and deliver it with top-notch security and excellent customer support. Throughout the years, we have built an extensive system that is easy to use yet flexible enough to fit most service industries.

Recently we have put a lot of emphasis on tailoring our system to the needs of sales managers and builders merchants with excellent success. Our clients in the building material industry are very happy with the system as it simplifies their life considerably. Now their customers can book themselves online, build a close connection towards the company, and get reminders. At the same time, the sales manager can manage their whole schedule within By signing up with, you will get a professional booking website or a widget to insert into your website if you already have one. The system is built as a plug-and-play, which means you choose which features you need to create the perfect booking system for your clients.

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Is the system easy to set up?

We aim to offer a self service system setup, but if you need any help we have our online Live chat team working 24h during the working week with an average response time of 13 seconds. On top of that we offer extensive Help Center, In system search as well as multiple YouTube tutorials to help you out if needed. For bigger Home Builder stores with multiple branches we have account managers ready to help you, click here to book an appointment.

Is the system easy to use?

Our DIY store and Home Builder booking system is designed to deliver a user-friendly experience. Your clients will appreciate the intuitive interface and will be able to easily book your services via their mobile or desktop. Your employees will benefit from a straightforward management dashboard as well as our admin app where they can manage all bookings for your Home Builder store on the go.

Can the system integrate with our Home Builder website?

With the ability to integrate seamlessly with your Home Builder or DIY store website as well as popular platforms like Google Business Profile, Facebook and Instagram, our system can boost your online presence and streamline your clients bookings.

How customisable is your Home Builder scheduling system?

First of all you can choose between 20 booking widget templates to embed to your website. All of the booking widgets are customisable so that you can tailor the widget to make it fit your brand. Offering a suite of versatile features, our scheduling software can be tailored to accommodate the unique needs and schedules of your Home Builder or DIY store.

Is the system mobile-friendly, can bookings be made via mobiles

Catering to the modern, on-the-go lifestyles of your members, our system is fully mobile-friendly and on top of that we provide you with your own branded client app. Bookings can be easily made and managed from any smartphone or tablet, anytime, anywhere.

How secure is the system? What measures are in place to protect our club's and our members' data?

We prioritize data security and are proud to be ISO27001 certified. Rest assured, your client's data will be protected by the best in the business and we ensure to store European Client data in Europe and US data in the USA.

What kind of customer support and training are available?

Our team provides comprehensive video tutorials and extensive help center on top of providing 24/5 Live Chat customer support with average response time of 13 seconds. On weekends we reply to emails two times a day. If you are an enterprise with multiple branches you get your own dedicated account manager.

What's the cost structure? Are there any hidden fees?

We offer different subscription plans depending on how many bookings and features you need. We also offer an Enterprise booking system if you have more extensive needs and are running a Builder Store with multiple branches. There are no hidden fees and NO commissions like many other booking systems on the market entail.

Does the system provide useful reporting and analytics features to help us manage and grow our building store business?

Leverage the powerful reporting and analytics tools of to gain valuable insights into your store´s operations and growth potential. Byko, the largest Builder Store in Iceland, increased their service bookings by 191% after implementing Implement the scheduling system today and watch how your service sales will grow.