Easy to manage time and bookings
Easy way to manage time and bookings
Scheduling personal meetings has never been as easy as now with SimplyBook.me's booking system. After you setup your account, all your clients need to do is to choose a service and time on your booking page. You can change your availability and manage bookings in an easy user-friendly interface.
Google calendar synchronization
Synchronization with Google calendar
Being able to combine several tasks at once is an essential feature of efficient business. SimplyBook.me will help you to to keep track of your appointments and personal meetings through Google calendar synchronization. All bookings from SimplyBook.me will appear in your Google calendar and Google calendar events will block time in SimplyBook, preventing clients from booking the already occupied time.
Let your clients pay online
Ability to accept payments online
With our online scheduling system you can forget about the pain of tracking and managing payments. Simply insert your payment details, set the price for services and receive money directly to your account after the booking is made. You can also track your revenues with proficient SimplyBook.me statistics!
Notify your clients and staff before appointment
Booking notifications and reminders before service
Notifying your clients about bookings, or changes in bookings, is an easy automated process with SimplyBook.me that will help you to save time. Let SimplyBook.me take this burden off your shoulders and rather invest time in the development of your business or enjoy the extra free time! You can send and receive customizable emails and sms when clients make a booking, when you or your clients cancel or change a booking, or when the appointment is due in several hours. SimplyBook.me has already helped thousands of businesses to reduce their no-shows… Now it is your turn!
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I have been using SimplyBook.me now for over four years and I would not be able to operate my business without this invaluable tool. From the versatility of the plug-ins, the ease of operation, the seamless 'fold-in' with Wordpress, the high customer satisfaction due to confirmations & reminders (by both email and text message) and the management, backup and support from the SimplyBook.me team, I would not be where I am today without this integral part of my massage business. I and my whole team use each booking 'comments' section to keep treatment notes on our clients for each and every session. I love that this is there and that we can view and download entire report histories on each Client. Thank you SimplyBook for such a cost effective and incredible tool.


Adam Ilko


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  • Trial month includes all functions of the system completely for free.
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  • Join tens of thousands successful companies who have signed up
  • Free phone and chat support
  • European and North American servers for fast operations
  • Strong SEO for your booking website
  • Over 19 languages available and you can add your own
  • Join our social networks and bring your own ideas
  • Free assistance with setup
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